Best Compounds in Sheikh Zayed

Best Compounds in Sheikh Zayed
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Best Compounds in Sheikh Zayed City is not a phrase used to refer to all Sheikh Zayed compounds, instead, it gives the finest choices in real estate in terms of prices, location, prestige, payment flexibility, and facilities.

Buying a new home in Sheikh Zayed is an ideal investment plan for a promising lifestyle in the future, so it matters to choose the unit precisely.

In this blog, you will be able to know the most recommended residential Compounds in Sheikh Zayed, 6 October, Here are the top 9 compounds featuring distinctive vital locations, massive spaces, a variety of unit types, and flexible payment plans.

Is it just the best compound in Sheikh Zayed City? The 6th of October city holds many ideal communities that will capture your attention, built by one of the top real estate leaders in Egypt, Mountain View, and Palm Hills Development.

Why Zed Towers is considered the Best Compound in Sheikh Zayed?

Looking for the most promising future, Zed Towers is the one in which you will take your family’s lifestyle to the next level of luxury. The types of units vary from apartments, duplexes, penthouses, and studios.

What are the available Units in Zed Towers

  • 1B to 2B Apartments space starts from 53 square meters up to 190 Sqm.
  • Duplex units start from 213 square meters and up to 443 Sqm.
  • The 3B Penthouse starts from 208 Sqm.
  • Studio spaces at Zed Towers start from 55 Sqm.

The Payment Plan in Zed Towers Zayed

Ora Development, the developer of Zed Towers, has set 2 different payment methods extended over a long period, they are:

  • a 10% down payment, 5% after three years, and the installment within 6 years.
  • a 10% down payment, 5% after three years, and the installment within 8 years.
Zed Towers apartment in sheikh zayed

Apartment in one of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed

Dejoya New Zayed| Best Residence in Sheikh Zayed

Searching for a better price, Dejoya New Zayed is the perfect fit because it offers apartments with reasonable prices that start at 4,500,000 EGP.

Dejoya New Zayed is considered one of the best Sheikh Zayed Compounds, referring to its modern designs, the group of amenities and services, and more features.

Dejoya Unit Details

  • Villa spaces start from 200 square meters.
  • 1B apartments start from 72 square meters.
  • 2B apartments start from 136 square meters.
  • 3B apartments start from 151 square meters.
  • 4B apartments start from 177 square meters.

The Payment Plan in Dejoya New Zayed

Dejoya Sheikh Zayed featured a payment method that extends over 10 years, which makes it easier and more flexible to pay.

  • A 0% down payment and the installment is over 10 years.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle With the Best Project in Sheikh Zayed: Terrace Compound

If you are looking for the best compound in Sheikh Zayed that offers competitive prices, you should consider the Terrace compound as one of the top deals in the area regarding prices, designs, and lifestyle. Besides establishing apartments, and townhouses in modern designs, they all were offered for sale for 2,000,000 EGP.

Terrace Compound Apartments

With a total number of more than 700 residential units, you can pick your perfect space starting from 100 Sqm and 250 Sqm.

  • The space of 2-bedroom apartments in Terrace El Sheikh Zayed is 100 Sqm.
  • The space of 3-bedroom apartments starts from 130 Sqm to 172 Sqm.

Cost-effective apartments in Sheikh Zayed ” Terrace” with Flexible Payment

Payment Flexibility is deemed as one of the most vital factors in deciding the possibility of owning an apartment in this project or not, For this reason, the company enabled its customers to reserve their preferred unit with a 10% down payment.

  • Note that you can reside in one of the best apartments in Sheikh Zayed “Terrace” and install the payment over 8 years.
apartments in Terrace el sheikh zayed

Luxury apartments in Sheikh Zayed- Terrace

Solana New Zayed| Perfect Choice for Luxury Residence

If you’re looking for one of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed in terms of its integration level and stunning designs, then Solana Zayed should be at the top of your list, as it holds the most incredible deals, which start at 10,000,000 EGP in Villa Type A for 388 sq m.

Pick Your Villa in Solana New Zayed

  • Villa (1A) space is 388 square meters and contains 5 bedrooms.
  • Villa (1B) space is 383 square meters and contains 5 bedrooms plus a basement.
  • Villa (2) space is 319 Sqm, and it includes 4 bedrooms.
  • Villa (3) total space is 337 square meters.
  • Villa (4) space is 249 square meters and contains 4 bedrooms and a basement.
  • The Twinhouse space is 240 square meters.
  • The Townhouse’s middle space is 210 square meters.
  • The Townhouse Corner space is 249 meters and includes 3 bedrooms.

The Payment Plan in Solana

Enjoy a new level of luxury in Solana New Zayed, by installing the units over 3 months:

  • A 10% down payment and the installment is over 3 months.
Solana New Zayed Villas

Best Villas in Sheikh Zayed- Solana

Is V Levels Sheikh Zayed worthy to be categorized as one of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed?

Dune Developments reframes the housing industry in Egypt, by launching one of the top compounds in Sheikh Zayed “ V Levels “, which features lavish designs, integrated services, and, most importantly, competitive prices.

  • V Levels is an Ideal match, as unit Prices start from 4,250,000 EGP for an apartment space of 186 sqm.

Luxury residences exist in V-Levels through perfectly-served commercial areas, well-connected with the residential spaces where you will fulfill all your needs.

Apartments in Sheikh Zayed

  • The apartment space in V Levels Dunes is 186 Sqm.
  • The penthouse space is 220 Sqm,
  • The townhouse space is 288 Sqm
  • The townhouse corner space is 370 Sqm.
  • The townhouse’s middle space is 229 Sqm.
  • The twin House (A) space starts from 270 Sqm and up to 400 Sqm.
  • The twin house (B) space starts from 288 Sqm and up to 370 Sqm.

The Payment Plan in V Levels Sheikh Zayed

Dunes Company, the developer of V Levels, has offered four types of units: apartments, penthouses, townhouses, and twin houses, with installments extending over 8 years.

  • 10% downpayment and the installment is over 8 years.

5 levels sheikh zayed compound apartments

Zoe Compound| Best Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Zoe Palm Hills is considered one of the top luxurious compounds in Sheikh Zayed that offers an exceptional lifestyle of luxury, stamped by Palm Hills Developments.

Palm Hills Compound promises its customers stunning apartments and penthouses that directly overlook lush verdant landscapes.

Searching for the best prices for apartments in Sheikh Zayed, the price of Zoe Palm Hills apartments start at 2,000,000 EGP, and the units within the compound differ between Garden-based apartments and penthouses and are located in the 26 July Corridor, Al Wahat Road, and Zowael Road.

Zoe Apartments

  • 1B apartments start from 60 square meters.
  • 2B garden-based apartment space starts from 125 square meters.
  • 2B apartment space starts from 131 Sqm.
  • 2B apartments on a typical floor of 154 square meters.
  • 3B roof apartments start from 135 square meters and the roof area is 21 square meters.
  •  3B garden-based apartment on the typical floor starts from 167 square meters.
  • A roof apartment space starts from 107 square meters and the roof area is 8 square meters.

Can you own your home in the best compound in Sheikh Zayed with a 0% down payment?

Yet, it’s true with Palm Hills Development, which stands behind this integrated project, that offers an unmissable opportunity for its customers for a limited time offer by booking their place with a 0% down payment.

  • The installment is over 10 years.

zoe compound Best Compounds in Sheikh Zayed

Zayard Elite| Enjoy the best prices in Sheikh Zayed

Searching for the best prices, Zayard Elite is the ideal match; Owning your lavish unit in the heart of Sheikh Zayed with one of the best projects of Plameir Development, with only 3,700,000 EGP as the startup price.

Zayard Units

  • Twin house unit space starts from 250 Sqm up to 347 Sqm.
  • Stand-alone villa space starts from 476 Sqm.

The Payment Plan

Palmier Development offers 3 payment methods beginning with a 5% down payment, and the installment extends over 9 years.

  • 5% down payment and 7 years of installment.
  • 10% down payment and 8 years of installment.
  • 20% down payment and 9 years of installment.
Zayard Elite

Time to live in the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed with Zayard

Ivoire by PRE |Best Sheikh Zayed Compounds

Are you always fascinated by a flawless lifestyle? Here in Ivoire, you will be blessed with an integrated community that meets every need.

The compound is filled with different types of villas, and it is based on 77 Feddan, which means each unit is private. The villas are divided into two types, with spaces ranging from 278 to 345 square meters.

Units Details in Ivoire Sheikh Zayed

  • L Villas space is 345 square meters, contains 3 floors, and 8 Bedrooms.
  • OS Villas space is 278 square meters, contains 3 floors, and 7 Bedrooms.

The payment plan in Ivoire Zayed

The payment method in PRE Developments is so flexible as it extends over a long term, and the downpayment is easy to pay nowadays;

  • 10% down payment and the installments are over 8 years.

Ivoire Sheikh Zayed

Genista| Best Compound in Sheikh Zayed

Genista Compound is the perfect choice to explore a new realm of luxury, as it is the best investment that you can have because of its strategic location in Sheikh Zayed. But the question is “Why Gensita Compound is listed among the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed?” Actually, there’re many reasons, the most important of which is offering a variety of unique units and different spaces, and last of all, the creative modern designs that give meaning to European mode.

Genista Compound Units

  • Standalone villa type A (546 square meters).
  • Standalone villa type B (376 square meters).
  • Villa Type C (304 square meters).
  • Villa Type D (230 square meters).

The Payment Plan in Genista Zayed

  • 0% Downpayment and the installment is over 5 years.
  • a 5% down payment and the installment is over 6 years.
  • a 15% down payment and the installments are over 7 years.
  • a 15% down payment and the installments are over 8 years.
  • a 20% down payment and the installments are over 9 years.

the maintenance cost represents 7%.

Genista Sheikh Zayed

Giselle Compound

Giselle Sheikh Zayed is a community that takes your mind at first sight with its stylish designs for the units and facilities; moreover, it is for those who admire the natural beauty that fills the project in every spot, as it is your direct unit view.

Giselle Units Details

  • Twin House units with a space of 302 square meters.
  • Standalone Villa H units with a space of 308 square meters.
  • Standalone Villa L units with a space of 352 square meters.

The Payment Plan in Giselle Zayed

Many reasons make Giselle New Zaeyd one of the top compounds in Sheikh Zayed, but the main one is the payment method, as you will be amazed by the installment year:

  • a 10% down payment and the installment is over 8 years.

Giselle Sheikh Zayed

Atrio| Best of Sheikh Zayed Compounds

Artio New Sheikh Zayed is one of the finest and best compounds in Sheikh Zayed, as the compound holds many services and facilities that make your daily routine run smoothly, plus the modern European designs with the combination of the green landscapes that surround all units.

What are the available units in Atrio Compound

  • Twin house
  • Townhouse
  • Villas

The Payment Plan in Atrio Sheikh Zayed

Seven years of instalments will give you the time to pay for the value of your lavish unit. What are you waiting for? Take this great chance at Artio New Zayed:

  • a 10% down payment and 5 years of installment.
  • a 20% down payment and 7 years of installment.
Artio Sheikh Zayed

1 of the Best Compound in Sheikh Zayed “ATRIO”

Alma Sheikh Zayed | Joined the list of Best Compounds in Sheikh Zayed

Alma New Zayed is the chapter of your life that is full of happenings and enjoyment, as the compound holds many features of modern design and a variety of the highest quality services.

Alma Units Details

  • Twin house spaces start from 288 square meters.
  • Villas spaces start from 250 square meters.
  • Apartment spaces start from 220 square meters.

The Payment Plan in Alma Compound

The developer has put one payment method in place, and that is for the flexibility within the plan, as it extends over 4 years with an easy amount of downpayment to pay.

  • 10% down payment
  • 15% after three months
  • 10% while receiving the unit
  • 4 years of installments
Alma Sheikh Zayed

Villa in best compound in sheikh zayed

Prive Compound & its perfect facilities in Sheikh Zayed

The prices over time will not have this value, but owning a house is an investment for the future, mainly if you invest in one of the finest residential projects in Sheikh Zayed City.

Prive Units Details

  • The townhouse starts from 177 square meters.
  • The twin house units start from 210 square meters.
  • Standalone villa types (A, B, C) start from 243 square meters.

The Payment Plan in Prive Zayed

There are two different payment methods: one for the residential units and one for the commercial stores. Both payment plans extend over a long period of time. For more information, contact our team.

  • The Residential units: 5% deposit, and a 5% down payment with 8 years of installments.
  • The Commercial units: 10% down payment with 7 years of installments.
Prive Sheikh Zayed

One of the Best Compounds in Sheikh Zayed

Lugar Compound in New Zayed

lugar New Zayed is a new well-curated and thriving residential project launched by Gates Development to become people’s first destination only if they’re looking for comfort and luxury.The compound is located in the heart of New Zayed only 10 minutes from the Mall of Arabia.

Lugar Zayed Units

  • Apartments: starts from 65 Sqm.
  • Townhouses: starts from 190 Sqm.
  • Standalone Villas: Starts from 255 Sqm.

The payment plans in Gates New Zayed

Gates Development offers only one payment plan but is flexible and manageable due to its long instalment plan that extends over 8 years.

  • 5% down payment
  • After 3 months, another 5% is paid.

No more searching with Select House; as we provide you with plenty of suitable and compelling options for your requirements “Best Compounds in Sheikh Zayed”. All you have to do is pick the community you want to live in and Get Ready to Upgrade your Lifestyle.


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