Avenue 90| Your way to a premuim lifestyle in N Teseen Street

Avenue 90| Your way to a premuim lifestyle in N Teseen Street
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Last updated 2022-07-11
Project details
Compound Name 90 Avenue Compound
Avenue 90 Location N'Teseen Street
The developer Tabark Company
Types of residential units Apartments- Duplexes- Villas
Payment System 10% down payment and 10-year instalment
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Avenue 90 was launched by Tabarak Holding Company, one of the real estate industry leaders since 1979, becoming buyers’ first choice for a luxurious housing experience.

Tabarak Company is committed to delivering customized options in 90 Avenue that appeal to each family and their distinctive needs to enhance the quality of their living.

If you are looking for a prime location, opulent lifestyle, and perfect fulfilment of services, Avenue 90 Compound Shall be your first choice.

Avenue 90 New Cairo

Avenue 90 New Cairo Compound Location

The Holding Tabrek Company selected one of the most livable areas in the fifth settlement to build its giant project, as 90 Avenue is located on N’ Tessen Street.

The wise selection of Avenue 90 New Cairo compound enriched customers with a frontal view of the American University (Auc).

If you are one of those who are willing to uplevel his housing experience in Avenue 90 New Cairo, so it’s necessary to know all the nearby places from the compound.

  • Future University is one of the remarkable places that is situated near the compound
  • Avenue 90 New Cairo is located near Cairo Festival City Mall
  • Avenue 90 is 9.5 km away from Cairo Ring Road.
  • The distance between Avenue and Ring Road is 9 km.
  • 7 KM is the distance between Suez Ring Road and 90 Avenue.
  • Avenue 90 location is 10 km away from Ain Sokhna Road.

The Master Plan of Avenue 90 New Cairo

The design included in the master plan of Avenue 90 New Cairo Compound is considered one of the most brilliant schemes that offer an opulent fully-integrated lifestyle for its residents.

The Master plan includes four main zones with a peculiar mission and design for each one, Family zone, Serenity Zone, Vibes Zone, and 90 Mall Zone.

1-Vibes Zone

Tabarak thrives on spreading comfort and happiness in all its projects; thus, Vibe Zone is the first hangout area launched in its master plan.

The Vibes Zone in 90 Avenue includes different activities that suit both children and elderly members, in addition to building a clubhouse where the zone residents can strengthen their bonds.

2-Family Zone

Because the family bond is the strongest tie ever, 90 Avenue provides a family-based zone with a place or activity for each family member. Inside Family Zone, one can find an amusing Kid’s area, amphitheatre, and swimming pool catered by a restaurant.

3-Serenity Zone

Far away from the city’s crowdedness and the daily adults’ pressure, the Serenity Zone is designated especially to make you experience the simplicity of the natural breathtaking views. Water walkways, garden tracks, and lakes are the main components of the serenity zone.

4- The 90 Mall Zone

Residents have an access to the Mall 90, 60,000 meters- centre, through a gate on the main road. 90 Mall zone highly supports the commercial needs of residents by hosting a group of the best contemporary stores and brands in different niches.

The Architectural Design of Avenue 90 New Cairo

Avenue 90 New Cairo Compound space, 50-Feddan land, was perfectly utilized and designed to give a space for all the needed services in the compound.

Tabarak Company managed to deliver real value in all its projects by analyzing the customers’ main demands to be able to deliver them with excellence.

To uplevel customers’ luxury experience, the smart master plan of the compound allocates around 18% of the total compound space to provide greenery space.

Brilliantly, for a super utilization of the compound space, 90 Avenue launched around 65 residential blocks. Each five-floor block contains 4 residential apartments and two queen sets.

Types of Residential Units in Avenue 90

Avenue 90 offers its customers multiple housing options through which the customer can experience uniqueness due to the inner design and the unit space.

The available residential units are Duplex- Apartments- Studios- Villas- Queen sets. Note that the space of a Duplex starts from 157 and up to 315 SQM.

90 Avenue compound

Balcony view in 90 Avenue Compound

Top 19 Services in 90 Avenue Compound

The top services and facilities provided by Tabarak Company elaborate on why Avenue 90 Cairo is worth property buyers’ attention.

If 90 Avenue Compound is on your top list for a smart home in New Cairo, then knowing 90 Avenue’s services in detail will help you make your decision.

  • Avenue 90 New Cairo supports clean energy by relying on solar energy as an alternative for lighting the compound.
  • The availability of a Private Garage for residents of the Fifth Square compound is a concern for many.
  • 90 Avenue Compound offers different venues for holding events and celebrations.
  • Constant maintenance services for all the units in the compound.
  • To add an artistic taste to the compound, Tabark was keen to build multiple decorative fountains.
  • The compound is designed with tracks that enable residents to practice their favourite fitness sports ( promenading and cycling).
  • 90 Avenue Fifth Settlement is designed with eye-pleasant green tracks on a sprawling compound to provide a more sense of elegance.
  • 90 Mall security is considered one of the attraction factors for buyers as the compound is 24\7 secured through safeguards and a smart camera system.
  • The Compound supports sports enthusiasts through swimming pools designed in different spaces.
  • Avenue 90 Promise its customers a relaxing life through Highly-advanced wellness hub, Spa, and Jacuzzi.
  • Residents in 90 Avenue  Compound enjoy multiple different cuisines provided by a group of top-known restaurants and cafes.
  • 90 Avenue Compound offers its customers one of the largest malls in the 5th settlement that is built on 5,000 Meters.
  • The Smart cameras system is inserted and operated with cc- tv technology all over the compound to provide safety day and night.
  • There’re hypermarkets and stores set across the compound.
  • Arabia holds set the education service as one of its main goals in the master plan through international schools that welcome all education levels.
  • Many restaurants and cafes in which residents can enjoy mouth-watering dishes.
  • types of cuisines through a variety of well-known restaurants and cafes.
  • 90 Avenue Compound is featured with a super entertaining Play area for kids that grants safety and excitement.
  • An Enchanting large fountain is considered the perfect added touch to the compound.

90 avenue new cairo prices

 Prices and Payment systems of Avenue 90 New Cairo

Avenue 90 New Cairo prices are set to become one of the super advantages provided in the compound.

Tabarak Company tends to facilitate the payment process for its customers as one of its main priorities by providing different plans.

With no interest, the buyer can pay only 5% of the total unit cost as a prepayment and pay the remaining over 7 years.

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Tabarak Company: The developer of 90 Avenue

Tabarak Company is one of the forerunner real estate companies that has been in the market for 38 years, proving its authenticity with both commercial and residential projects.

Tabarak Group came out to the light for the first time in 1979 by AL Nahda Company for contracting. Tabrak was perceived as one of the market leaders because of its expansion in different sectors, including tourism development, investment, exporting, manufacturing, and real estate.

Tabarak thrives on delivering genuine quality, customer satisfaction, and commitment to its customers in all its projects as a way of credibility for its core values.

Tabarak portfolio in real estate:

  • Capital East
  • A’aaly Clinics
  • Maadi Heights
  • Jannat
  • Bayti
  • A’aaly Al-Riyadh, KSA.
  • Tabarak city.

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