Zayard Elite Compound in New Zayed

Zayard Elite Compound in New Zayed
Prices start from 10,000,000 EGP
35% Down payment
3 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
The Compound Name Zayard Elite
The developer Palmier Development
The Compound Location New Zayed
available units Standalone Villas- Townhomes
Payment System 35% down payment, and flexible installment periods lasts up to 3 years
For Inquiries 01101112515

Zayard Elite Compound in New Zayed was launched recently by Palmier Development; a remarkable project with perfect details that designates eliteness, speaks elegantly, and is sewn in luxury.

Palmier Development aims to offer deluxe residential units in different spaces Zayard Elite New Zayed, that would be suitable for a 2-person family or a big family, such as standalone villas, twin houses, and Royal Villas.

Indeed, how Palmier Company was keen to embrace the residence in the project with a variety of well-served facilities and amenities to meet their needs situated the company on the top list of luxurious communities in New Sheikh Zayed City.

So if you are ready to expose yourself to a new realm of luxury and still can enjoy perfectly-set payment plans and competitive prices, you shall hit the button below and meet our consultants.

Zayard Elite Compound in New Zayed

The Location of Zayard Elite in Sheikh Zayed

Palmier Development situated its project in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, more specifically on the green line. Zayard Elite Compound is located at Hod 9; the left side of the main hod “Gate1”.

If Zayard Elite New Sheikh Zayed is your most preferred choice, and you are about to move to it, it’s necessary to see how it’s close to every single vital point in Sheikh Zayed:

The distance between Zayard Elite & Nearby places

  • 40 seconds to arrive at Waslet Dahshour
  • One minute to arrive at the nearest Seoudi Market
  • 2 minutes to arrive at Alexandria desert road.
  • 3 minutes to arrive at Dbaa Road
  • 5 minutes to be amid Juhayna Square
  • 3 minutes to reach Road Farag Road.
  • 3 minutes to arrive at Cairo University, only 5 minutes needed to arrive at Nile University, and 7 minutes to reach Misr University for science & technology
  • 7 minutes to arrive at Arkan Mall Sheik Zayed
  • 8 minutes to be ready for your trip at Sphinx International Airport.
  • For an outing at the Mall of Arabia, you need only to drive 9 minutes and 10 minutes to be amid American Plaza.
  • The Police Mosque is a 14-minute distance from your point to the compound at Sheikh Zayed.

The Land Space of Zayard Elite Compound

A 15-Feddan of luxury and elegance is all that you need to take your life to the highest levels of comfort, elitness, and livability.

At Zayard Elite New Zayed, Palmier Company partnered with powerful architects and master planners to transpire a smart land division that promotes accessibility, connectivity, and most importantly, how to indulge residents with their senses in the natural element main scheme.

To imagine how the company has been paying attention to luxuriating residents’ lives, it’s necessary to know that the company specified only 15% of the compound’s total space for building residential buildings.

And on the other hand, it decided to cover the remaining space with lush greenery elements and a group of well-curated amenities.

According to the Architectural design of Zayard Elite Compound in New Zayed, Palmier intends to innovate a design that reflects the brand name of the compound. in other words, all the interior designs and exterior designs tackle both eliteness and practicality as the main theme.

Zayard elite sheikh zayed

Types of Residential units in Zayard Elite New Zayed

Zayard Elite Sheikh Zayed offers a variety of the most-required residential units in Sheikh Zayed, with paying attention to providing the most suitable space and the perfect internal division.

  • The Space of the twin house in Zayrd Elite New Zayed starts from 250 Sqm. There’s an option to upgrade the space up to 347 Sqm.
  • The space of standalone villas is 476 Sqm.


Top features & Services in Zayard Elite Compound New Zayed

Zayard Elite Compound Sheikh Zayed is a community that is a galvanizing community full of integrated services and exciting activities that promote livability. Check now how each member of your family can experience a new level of luxury in Zayard

  • The developer launched an Outdoor Cinema at the center of the residential space to enact community members to gather and watch their favourite movies, the decision to set the cinema in an open area adds more sort of entertainment
  • A modern Gym full of modern equipment and equipped with experienced and nutrition-background coaches.
  • The Commercial area enables residents to get their daily and monthly purchases.
  • The Nightlife in Zayard Elite Compound New is represented through a group of well-known restaurants and cafes in the plazza.
  • The project includes swimming pools of different sizes.
  • Zayard Elite New Zayed includes different sporting fields, such as Paddle tennis,
  • Palmier Housing Company was keen to launch a super entertaining Kids’ area to give them a chance for children to enjoy a rejuvenating time after their school.
  • Greenery spines are set all over the compound with a total space of 62,000 meters to enable residents to practice their morning routine freely and safely.

Zayard Elite new zayed

Zayard Elite New Zayed Prices & its Payment System

Palmier Company offers an unmissable chance for its customers in 6 October to unlock the highest levels of luxury and enjoy suitable unit space at competitive prices that cannot be compared.

  • The price for units in Zayard Elite New Zayed starts from 10,000,000 Egp.

For further information, Meet Our Consulting Team Now

How You Can Install Your Payments in Zayard Elite

To enable residents to avail of the Zayard Elite price competitiveness, Palmier Company added 3 remarkable payment methods that can appeal to users’ different monetary capacities.

  • The new plan allows customers to pay a 35% booking fee and the remaining has to be paid over 3 years.

What’s the most suitable plan for you?

The Developer of Zayard Elite

Zayard Elite Compound is one of the top outstanding residential projects for Palmier Housing and Development; a prominent real estate company founded in 2016.

Palmier Company aims to lead an influential role in the real estate industry by finding the top talent in the market to be able to meet customers’ demands and add genuine value to their lives.

Within the borders of 6 October City, the company launched around 4 innovative projects under the name of Zayard, in addition to an outstanding project of ‘Farida Towers”.

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FAQ about Zayard Elite Compound

Who is the developer of Zayard Elite Compound?

Palmier Development

Where Zayard Elite Compound is located?

New Zayed

What are the types of units in Zayard Elite Compound?

Villas- townhomes

How can I contact the consulting team in Zayard Elite?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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