Cairo Festival City Compound

Cairo Festival City Compound
Prices start from 15,000,000 EGP
30% Down payment
4 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Cairo Festival City Compound
The Developer Majid Al Futtaim
The compound location Fifth Settlement
Available units Apartments- villas- duplexes
Payment System A 30% down payment is required, provided that the remaining cost shall be paid over 4 years.
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Cairo Festival City Compound by Majid Al Futtaim inaugurates a new concept of City within a city; a fully-faceted city where residents are capable of exploring a particular realm of integration through a diversity of services.

The community in Cairo Festival City Compound is developed on a world-class level of services and facilities; the city “ A CITY LIKE NO OTHER” includes an international school, Automotive Park, Kidzania, Titanium Gym, a Business district, and the podium.

Most importantly, the variety of residential units is considered one of the main priorities of buyers; thus; Majid Al Futtaim exceeded customers’ expectations with a flawless catering variety of units.

Cairo Festival City Compound Location

The location of Cairo Festival City Compound in the fifth settlement is one of the top privileges added to residents, as the compound is situated in proximity to prestigious vicinity.

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Check the nearby places from Cairo Festival City Compound ( CFC Compound):

  • Cairo Festival City Compound is 5 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • CFC Compound is located near other shopping malls, such as Point 90 and DownTown.
  • The distance between Cairo Festival Compound and Madinet Nasr is around 15 minutes.
  • Cairo Festival City Compound is situated in great proximity to Katameya Height, Mountain View Icity New Cairo, and Hyde Park New Cairo.
  • Festival Living Apartments is 12 minutes away from the American University in New Cairo.

The Land Space of Cairo Festival City Compound

Cairo Festival City was developed by Majid Al Fattium on a massive space in the fifth settlement of around 750 Feddan, which represents 2.2 million meters.

This huge space represents an iconic point and a centric location in the Fifth Settlement with an excellent diversity of units and facilities; as around 330 Feddan of the city’s total space is dedicated to residential apartments.

The remaining space in CFC New Cairo is allocated between administrative spaces and commercial units, in addition to vast lush greenery parks and artificial lakes.

Residential Area in Cairo Festival City Compound

Residential buildings in Cairo Festival Compound

Residential Spaces in Cairo Festival Compound

CFC compound comprises mid-length buildings featuring innovative and contemporary architectural designs; all the designs are outlined based on a solution catered to residents’ needs.

Cairo Festival City compound is divided into 5 distinguished residential spaces with a unique ultra-modern design and unique types of units in each one.( Oriana IV- Festival Living apartments- Aura apartments- Oriana Estate- Oriana Residence II).

The Top Features in Oriana IV, Aure Apartments, and Oriana Estate:

1- Oriana IV | Cairo festival compound
Oriana IV is one of the prominent residential spaces in Cairo Festival City that offers an extensive level of privacy. The Oriana IV space features a new type of unit which is the Quattro Villas “Quattro Villa”; is a 4-villas corner in the same plot.

The total space of a two-floor unit with 4 bedrooms in Oriana is 252 m2, the two floors typically have the same space of 112 m2 for each one, and the roof space is 28 m2.

2- Aura Apartments |Festival LivingApartments
The Aura phase of Festival Living Apartments represents a new realm of natural landscapes featuring magnificent views of all units. The Aura includes a wide variety of small apartments that includes 1 bedroom for one person and other larger options that include three bedrooms, in addition to, splendour penthouses.

The space of two-bedroom penthouses starts from 168 m2 to 187 m2.
The space of three-bedroom penthouses starts from 201 m2 to 224 m2.

3- Oriana Estate
Driven from the space name “ Oriana” which means sunrise, Oriana offers exceptional scenery of natural views and well-customized housing options.

Oriana features standard villas with an average space of 460 sqm, the space on the first floor is 201 m2 and 207 m2 for the second floor. The roof space is 56 m2.

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Types of Residential Units in Cairo Festival Compound

Majid AL Futtaim distinguished its milestone “ Cairo Festival City Compound” with a flawless variety of residential units with two or four bedrooms.

Each space in Cairo Festival City features unique apartments in different spaces, check the common spaces between them now:

  • The penthouse space in CFC Cairo starts from 147 Sqm.
  • Two-bedroom apartments Unit L-F IN Festival Living apartments start from 144 m2.
  • 3-bedroom apartments start from 185 m2.
  • The space of three-bedroom apartments with a garden in the Festival Living space is 191 m2.
  • The average space of 4-bedroom duplexes (Type l-D1) IS 379 M2.

All units share the same level of luxury through communal parks, waterways, and private gardens.

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Villa in Cairo Festival City Compound

Villa in Cairo Festival Compound

Top services & Features in Cairo Festival City Compound

The level of integration represented in the Cairo Festival City makes it a definitely unique experience for residents; as the city offers services or facilities related to business, education, social community, and leisure and entertainment.

Cairo Festival City Compound hosts the campus of the American International School (AIS), providing a promising future for the coming generations residing in the compound.

  • The Automotive Park was constructed over a land of 12,000 Sqm to provide showroom services for the most prominent brands in Egypt.
  • CFC Cairo is ideally designed by top architects who managed to turn vacant space into a state-of-art city through lush greenery areas and magnificent water-based elements.
  • One of the biggest open-air theatres offshoot inside Cairo Festival City to add more levels of entertainment.
  • Daily maintenance services are perfectly provided in the festival living apartments not only for residents but also for the offices to ensure non-stopping and fully-sustained productivity.
  • Cairo Festival Mall is perceived as one of the largest commercial malls in Cairo where world-class brands and stores are operating their businesses.
Mall in Cairo Festival Compound

CFC Mall

Prices of apartments in Cairo Festival City Compound

The variety of residential units represented in Cairo Festival City enables buyers to pick the most suitable housing options due to their needs at an average price.

Most importantly, Majid Al Futtaim offers units for sale in Cairo Festival City Compound at competitive prices. Indeed, what makes buying a unit in Cairo Festival City Compound an unmissable opportunity is the super integration provided in the compound.

  • The average space for Cairo Festival City is 15,000,000 Egp.

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The Payment System in Cairo Festival City

Cairo Festival City By Majid Al Futtaim launched super easy-to-handle payment systems for Festival living apartments that cope with residents’ requirements.

To get one of the Cairo Festival City apartments, you can pay a 30% down payment and another 10% while receiving the unit. The remaining cost can be installed over a long period of  4 years.

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The Developer of Cairo Festival City Compound

Cairo Festival city compound

Al Futtaim Company was founded in Dubai for the first time in 1930 with a clear vision of dominating the market in setting a future strategy in different fields, where customers can receive a unique and engaging experience. Indeed, the mother company in Dubai operates its business through 60 Companies (Partners and subsidiaries).

Majid AL Futtaim Company is renowned for building mega projects in Egypt targeting different specializations, Residential, commercial, and administrative are included. Some of the top projects of Majid Al Futtaim are Dubai Festival City, Cairo Festival City, and Doha Festival City.

Majid AL Futtaim deployed its vision in Festival Living Apartments; a gated community where Egyptians can experience the concept of a real city lifestyle for the first time.

Other projects in New Cairo

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FAQ about Cairo Festival City Compound

Who is the developer of Cairo Festival City Compound?

Majid Al Futtaim Company

Where is Cairo Festival City Compound located?

Fifth Settlement

How can I contact the Consulting Team in Cairo Festival City Compound?

Contact the following number: 01101112515


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