Entrada Compound by Sorouh Developments

Entrada Compound by Sorouh Developments
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Project details
Compound Name Entrada
The Developer Sorouh Developments
Project space 71 Feddan
Types of residential units Penthouses- Apartments- Duplexes
For inquries 01101112515

Entrada New Capital is a state-of-art community in the heart of New Capital City that speaks for luxury, comfort, and practicality.

The reason behind calling the compound “Entrada” which is a Spanish word that means Entrance is the company’s desire to develop a prestigious community that would resemble a milestone in the future of the housing industry in Egypt; new a gate for luxury and sophistication.

Granting site practicality to homeowners was one of the main priorities for Sorouh Developments while setting the project master plan, therefore, the company was keen to choose a strategic location in the heart of New Capital City, 7th district, where all types of facilities and amenities are minutes away.

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The location of Entrada New Capital

Entrada Compound features a prime location in the heart of New Capital City on R7 with a direct view of the Expo land. The fact that the Compound stretches over 700 meters on the main road adds more connectivity for residents to different places around the city, such as Central Bank, Mass Hotel, and the Green River.

  • Entrada New Capital Egypt is 5 minutes away from the Green River, Cathedral Church and Abd el Fattah Aleem mosque.
  • The compound is 15 minutes away from the international airport.
  • It’s only 20 minutes to arrive at New Cairo.

The land space of Entrada

On a 71-Feddan land area, Sorouh Company for development set its first milestone for “Entrada Compound” in New Capital to introduce one of the top fully integrated compounds in the New Capital City, a gated community where all residents’ needs are delivered perfectly.

Al Sorouh Company highlighted the brilliance of the compound’s master plan, set by its proficient team, where around 19% of the total space is dedicated to building different types of units (commercial and residential), where the rest is allocated between designing awe-inspiring landscapes and natural-based elements.

Such a critical decision of assigning the least space to Entrada was taken to introduce a new realm of opulent and sophisticated living, a prestigious lifestyle that dominates nature as a direct non-stopping view.

Entrada New Capital

Entrada Compound in New Capital City

The Architectural Design of Entrada New Capital

Due to the fact that the compound is named after the Spanish-rooted word “Entrada”, which means the entrance, the compound’s design is partially inspired by the modern architectural techniques in Spain. Sorouh Developments was keen to feature its project with innovative and authentic design that brings both practicality and luxury.

The symmetrical layout represented in the residential blocks of Entrada New Capital is a “threshold design” that is enriched with glassy facades and shall be highlighted as an ultra-modern theme that guarantees residents the expected sophisticated vibes.

Entrada New Capital Design

The architectural design of Compound Entrada

Types of residential units in Entrada Compound

Entrada Compound in New Capital City is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a wide selection of luxurious residential units, as the compound includes penthouses, apartments, and duplexes.

The minimum space provided in Compound Entrada for a mid-size unit is 110 m2, and it varies to reach 220 m2 for a mid-size duplex.

For the fact that quality is considered one of the top factors that play a critical role in purchasing decisions, therefore, Sorouh Company was prudent in choosing the highest material quality in the market that stands against ageing.

Finally, and most importantly, the company enables property buyers to purchase their homes either fully finished or partially finished.

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Entrada New Capital Compound

Duplex View in Entrada New Capital

Top features & services in Entrada New Capital

Residence in Entrada Sourouh has become one of the top choices for residents for that fact that the compound reflects a dynamic and fully vibrant lifestyle where residents are privileged to be quite proximate to each facility and amenity provided in the compound.

  • Entrada New Capital Compound is designed with meandering trails and pedestrian tracks, that are well-connected to the open green spaces, to empower residents to enjoy a healthy environment.
  • The compound comprises a mid-size commercial area stretching over 1 km of trails, where residents can get their daily purchases from hypermarkets, enjoy shopping in retail markets, and finally taste mouth-watering food in nearby restaurants.
  • Entrada is designed with underground Private and shared garages in order not to take up much space.
  • The Medical Center in Entrada Sorouh includes many clinics in different medical specializations.
  • Entrada Compound announced the launch of the Spa Center offering perfect body care and relaxation services for both genders.
  • The project supports a 24/7h security system all over the compound by setting smart CCVT.
  • The food corner area in Entrada New Capital provides a high-tasty experience of both Western and Eastern cuisines.
  • The compound supports the operation of non-stopping wifi for owners.
Entrada New Capital

Compound Entrada in New Capital City

 Entrada New Capital Prices

Entrada Compound prices caused many residents to start taking a new movement toward their future in the heart of New Capital City.

  • The average price provided in Entrada New Capital is 1.880.000 Egp for a 118-meter apartment.

The payment system of Entrada

After paying the initial payment there’s always the main concern for many property owners which is “ the instalment period”. Indeed, the instalment period is considered one of the top privileges provided by Sorouh Company to provide their customers with an exceptional level of customization.

  • 10% of a down payment is sufficient to own a home in one of the most luxurious compounds in the New Capital City, Entrada Sourouh Compound.
  • The remaining cost is allowed to be paid over 10 years.

The developer of Entrada Compound

Sorouh Development set its first milestone in the real estate market in 2018, since then, the company has strived to combine different expertise to craft well-personalized housing experiences that boost and enhance the conventional lifestyle in Egypt.

In order to be Egypt’s number one in bringing luxury to its customers, the company highlighted focusing on customers’ voices, which comprise dreams, expectations, and unrevealed experiences, in order to develop residential projects where residents can feel appreciated and blessed.

Indeed, after launching Entrada in New Capital, Soruouh Company kept surprising its customers by providing one of the top-notch commercial projects in the New Capital City “Citadel”, a massive mall that is expected to house around 5 million persons getting their service.

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FAQ about Entrada New Capital

Who is the developer of Entrada New Capital Compound?

Sorouh Developments

Where is Entrada New Capital Compound located?

New Capital City, R7.

What are the types of units in Entrada New Capital Compound?

Penthouses- duplexes- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in Entrada Compound?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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