El Karma Residence Sheikh Zayed Compound by Badreldin Company

El Karma Residence Sheikh Zayed Compound by Badreldin Company
Prices start from 6,500,000 EGP
10% Down payment
7 Installment years
Prices are subject to change
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Project details
Compound Name Al Karma Residence
The Project Owner Badreldin Company
Available Units apartmnets- duplexes- villas
The average unit space The space of residential units in Al Karma starts from 129 m2 to 625 m2.
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El Karma Residence is one of the latest residential projects in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City that guarantees a top-flight level of both luxury and practicality.

Badr Eldin Company, Al Karma Compound’s developer, launched Al Karma Residence with a visionary scheme of revamping the daily experience of property owners by minimizing and replacing the daily obstacles that can meet residents in the future with oriented-base solutions.

Al Karma 6 October Compound comprises multi-functional spaces where residents can easily pick their daily needs from the commercial malls, enjoy fine dining in the food corner, get medical counsel in the clinic complex, and, yet there’s more to discover.

Karma Residence Compound offers apartments for sale at competitive prices and perfect interior divisions.

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The Location of El Karma Residence Compound

El Karma Residence Compound is located strategically beside the entrance of Sheikh Zayed City, featuring great proximity to el Rabwa Compound.

Badreldin Company intended to choose a vital location for its new milestone “El Karma Residence Compound” among one of the top luxurious neighbourhoods in Sheikh Zayed City, where residents can meet like-minded peers, in addition to empowering their residents to access educational complexes, integrated markets, advanced hospitals, etc.

  • El-Karma Residence Sheikh Zayed is 5 minutes from both Beverly Hills School and the British School.
  • The Compound is located 8 minutes from the Green Land Nursery.
  • The distance between EL karma Residence Compound by Badreldin and the green international schools is 9 minutes.
  • 10 minutes of driving is the needed time to arrive at the Mall of Arabia from AL Karma Residence.
  • Al Karma Sheikh Zayed is 10 minutes away from Dar Al Fouad Hospital.
  • Only 11 minutes to arrive at Saudi Market from Al Karma Residence in Sheikh Zayed.

The land space of Al Karma Residence by Badreldin

Al Karma Residence in Sheikh Zayed resembles a mid-size community of 16 Feddan that is perfectly designed to align with the latest architectural designs for an integrated lifestyle.

The master plan of Al Karma Residence reflects a perfect land division; around 45% of the compound’s total space is dedicated to building residential spaces.

While the remaining part, which represents 55% of el Karma Residence Compound land, is allocated between the green landscapes and the fascinating watery features.

The Architectural Design of El Karma Residence Compound

Badr Eldin Company distinguished its project “EL Karma Residence Compound” with the mid-rise residential blocks that add more sense of elegance and luxury.

Yet, a smooth combination of the urban developments intertwined with the lush greenery areas that dominate the scene is the main theme for Karma Residence Design.

El Karma Residence Zayed

Types of residential units in El Karma Residence

Al Karma Residence is one of the most ideal communities in October City for those looking for a variety of appealing housing options at competitive prices.

Al Karma Residence Compound offers different unique units that include regular apartments, garden-attached apartments, townhomes, and standalone villas.

  • The space of regular apartments in El Karma Residence starts from 129 m2 to 137 m2.
  • The space of garden-based apartments is provided with two unique spaces; the first one is provided within 150 m2 while the second type features a mid-size space starting from 240 m2.
  • 216 m2 is the minimum space for a mid-size duplex.
  • The space of the Twin house starts from 246 m2.
  • The space of the townhouse starts from 296 m2.
  • The space of Standalone villas in Al Karma residence compounds starts from 316 m2 and up to 625 m2.

Badr Eldin collaborated with the best design consultants in Egypt to outline residential homes with perfectly-utilized spaces so property owners can seize each corner for their good.

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Townhome in Al Karma Residence

Top services and features in El Karma Residence Sheikh Zayed

AL Karma Residence Sheikh Zayed has become one of the top choices for luxurious living for property buyers in Sheikh Zayed because of its premium integration level.

Badr Eldin Company aims to introduce a mixed-used residential project that fulfils customers’ needs in all life aspects

Check the available services in Al Karma Residence by Badreldin:

  • Al Karma Commercial area hosts multiple well-known stores and brands in different categories to provide the perfect shopping experience for its residents.
  • Al Karma Residence Compound offers an extensive level of security by implementing a strong surveillance system.
  • Badr Eldin hired well-trained security members to ensure residents’ safety 24/7 h.
  • The design of Al Karma Residence in Sheikh Zayed depends on providing a fresh greenery environment for its residents where the green landscape is an essential view for all units.
  • The wellness hub in Jayd provides residents with excellent Spa and jacuzzi services
  • Al Karma Residence Compound features a superior medical level; as the compound contains medical complexes and pharmacies.
  • The Sporting Club in Al Karma Residence contracts with professional trainers who are capable of helping players to enhance their level.
  • The compound is providing a high-security level by applying CCTV System.

The prices of Al Karma Residence Compound

Al Karma Residence Compound offers units for sale at unbeatable prices starting from 3.325.455 Eg, the average price for a mid-size apartment.

For a compound the landscapes are dominating the scene, yet, it offers a wide group of essential and luxurious services, which is the main demand for many buyers.

  • The commercial spaces in El Karma Residence Compound start from 6,500,000 Eg.

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Payment system of Al Karma Residence Sheikh Zayed

Badreldin Company prioritizes the facilitation of the payment process of Al Karma Residence Sheikh Zayed through 2 unique payment plans:

  • The first plan enables buyers to get their homes by paying only a 10% down payment. The remaining cost shall be paid periodically over 7 years.

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The developer of Al Karma Residence

Badreldin Company for Development is the owner of El Karma Residence in Sheikh Zayed; it’s one of the leading real estate companies established in 1995  as a subsidiary of El Badr Group, one of the dominating multi-specialization companies in Egypt.

Since its inception, the company strives to prioritise customers’ voices as the main metric for the company’s growth and breaking sales records. In other words, deciding the space of units, the material, the internal division of the compound, and the prices are all set in consideration of customers’ demands.

With around a total number of 10 residential projects in West Cairo, karma residence is one of the best, Badreldin managed to gain a good reputation and trust from its customers by developing well-customized housing projects.

Badr Eldin Company is renowned for its prudent hiring criteria through which it usually chooses only experienced candidates who can innovate new practical and luxurious solutions that match the requirements of the current century.

Today, the actual number of units that Badr el din launched reached around 5,000 luxurious units on a total land space of 600 Feddan.

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FAQ About El Karma Residence Compound

Who is the developer of El Karma Residence Compound?

Badreldin Company

what is the location of El Karma Residence Compound?

Sheikh Zayed

What are the types of units in El Karma Residence Compound Sheikh Zayed?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in El Karma Residence Compound?

Call the following number: 01101112515


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