Garden Lakes Compound by Hyde Park

Garden Lakes Compound by Hyde Park
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10% Down payment
8 Installment years
Last updated 2022-08-28
Project details
Compound Name Garden Lakes
The Develoepr Hyde Park
Compound location October City
Types of residential units Villas, apartments, duplexes
Payment System 10% down payment, and the remaining cost is paid over 8 years.
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Garden Lakes Compound, or ” Hyde Park West” as publicly known, is the latest residential project launched by Hyde Park Company in October City with exquisite level of sophistication and luxury.

Hyde Park West Garden Lakes is designed with European architectural techniques that basically lie on solution-oriented approaches for a more vibrant and practical lifestyle.

The premium quality represented in Hyde Park West Garden Lakes Compound in terms of finishing and designs is expected to classify the compound as one of the top compounds in the heart of October.

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Hyde Park West Garden Lakes

The location of Garden Lakes Compound ” Hyde Park West”

Garden Lakes Compound feature a strategic location in a centric spot in October City 3 minutes away from the 26 July axis, whereas Tawny Compound is the opposite destination. Hyde Park West Garden Lakes’ proximity to a group of education facilities, business hubs, sports clubs, shopping centres, and prestigious compounds has added an extra value to its place.

  • Garden Lakes “Hydes Park West” is located 10 minutes from Arabia Mall, Juhayna Square, and Arkan Plaza Compound.
  • The distance between Garden Lakes and the 26 July axis is 400 meters only.

The land space of Garden Lakes Compound: “Hyde Park West”

Hyde Park Company managed to distinguish its promising project Garden Lakes Compound or as others call it” Hyde Park West” by choosing a huge space for construction that amounts to 69 Feddan; a sufficient area to introduce a new fully-integrated residential community.

The master plan of Hyde Park West Compound is outlined with awe-inspiring greenery landscapes filling the empty spaces between residential units to grant more privacy and a sense of elegance.

Yet, how the green jogging tracks are designed at a distance from the traffic network to ensure the safety of pedestrians has to be highlighted as one of the most prudent features.

Hyde Park West Garden Lakes

Types of residential units in Hyde Park West Compound

Hyde Park West Compound provides the perfect housing experience in which property buyers are empowered to pick the perfect choice from fully-finished apartments and duplexes. The available unit space in Hyde Park West Garden Lakes starts from 104 m2 to 291 m2.

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  • Common Features in the residential buildings:-
    Residential buildings are designed with internal Private access through which residents can get to the roof
  • The landscapes in Garden Lakes Compound are ideally designed to embrace the residential units for flawless breathtaking views
  • All buildings feature Underground shared Parking to secure residents’ vehicles.
  • Direct access for upper units from the ground floor

Apartments in Hyde Park West Garden Lakes

Top services & Features in Garden Lakes Compound by Hyde Park

Hyde Park Company was keen to add a fully-integrated project” Hyde Park West Garden Lakes Compound” to its booming list.

Living in Garden Lakes Compound guarantees residents a fully vibrant sophisticated lifestyle that is full of luxurious facilities and five-star services.

Get a glimpse of the available services in Garden Lakes Compound by Hyde Park:

  • Hyde Park West Garden Lakes includes a Culture hub for those residents who are looking to cultivate themselves, the hub is perfect for young and elderly people.
  • Garden Lakes Compound by Hyde Park is secured with Electronic gates.
  • The Clubhouse is Hyde Park West Garden Lakes includes multi-faceted special spaces, in addition to a sports complex for kids and adults.
  • The compound includes multiple Kids’ areas that are provided in accordance with the ultimate safety procedures.
  • Hyde Park West Garden Lakes offers different areas for outdoor activities, including gym, cycling, and jogging.
  • Underground parking and private parking to ensure residents’ belongings’ safety.

Garden Lakes October Prices & Payment System

If you are looking for a super luxurious community at a prime location that offers units for sale at competitive prices, Hyde Park West Garden Lakes shall be the first destination to come to your mind.

Hyde Park Compound is keen to offer high value for customers on their investment by providing the highest quality, in addition to multiple personalised housing options.

  • To purchase a unit in Hyde Park West, a 10% down payment is required, and the remaining cost can be paid over 7 years.


The developer of Garden Lakes Compound: Hyde Park

Hyde Park Company for development is the developer of Garden Lakes Compound in Sheikh Zayed City,

Hyde Park Company was founded in 2007 with a clear vision of enhancing the standards of the housing experience in Egypt by representing flourishing communities of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

Hyde Park Company thrives to detect the features that are no longer vibrant in society and provide a practical, yet luxurious solution that makes people’s life more fulfilled.

This is clyster clear in the innovative inspiring designs of Hyde Park Company that represent multi-functional spaces that create co-sustainable communities that provide a friendly environment for residents and businesses.

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FAQ about Garden Lakes Compound by Hyde Park

Who is the developer of Garden Lakes Compound 6 October?

Hyde Park Company

Where is Garden Lakes Compound is located?

Sheikh Zayed

What are the types of units in Garden Lakes Compound 6 October?

Townhomes- villas- apartments

How can i contact the consulting team in Garden Lakes Compound?

Call the following number: 01101112515

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